Partial Cover Damage: These Damages & Accidents Are Settled by Partial Cover Insurance

The scope of cover provided by insurance, for example, coverage against natural hazards such as hail damage or damage caused by a lightning strike, damage caused by game, and breakage of glazing.

We will show you all the claims for which partial coverage will cover you and explain when only fully comprehensive insurance will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle.

Partial cover storm damage and hail damage

Elementary damage caused by lightning, hail, and avalanches as partial cover damage

Partial casco covers storm damage to your vehicle. These damages are called elemental damages and include damages caused by natural forces, i.e. by a storm, heavy hail, a lightning strike, or floods.

With partial coverage, you are also insured if your car is hit and damaged by an avalanche. Roof avalanches and mudslide damage are also covered.

One of the most common types of storm damage covered by partial casco is hail damage. If the body of your vehicle has suffered hail dents after a hailstorm, you can report the damage to your insurance company and receive a benefit. Damage to the glass is also not uncommon after the severe hail. All repair costs resulting from hail damage are covered by partial coverage.

If you have taken out partial cover insurance with an excess, you only pay the amount stipulated in the contract yourself. If an expert opinion after hail damage shows that it is no longer worth repairing the vehicle (total loss), the partial cover insurance will reimburse you for the replacement value of your car.

Glass breakage and stone chip in the partial cover insurance

You are driving on the highway and a small stone is thrown up and your windshield gets cracked: glass damage occurs. This type of damage is neither foreseeable nor rare. Stone chips are a partial coverage benefit, just like other breakage damage to your vehicle's glazing. The following parts of your car can be affected:

  • Front windshield
  • Side windows
  • Rear window
  • Side mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Sliding glass roof or panoramic roof

Partial coverage pays for broken glass on these parts of your vehicle as follows: If a repair is possible, the car insurer will usually waive the deductible (if one has been set). If the windshield needs to be replaced, the costs will be higher. The good news is that even then it is a comprehensive claim and you only pay the specified deductible.

Fire, fire & explosion

Partial comprehensive damage also includes damage caused by fire, fire, or an explosion. Fire damage to vehicles can be caused by a cable fire, or as a result of an accident. If your car catches fire due to a short circuit, the partial cover insurance will pay for the damage.

Also, if a collision in an accident causes a fire, this fire is considered a partial coverage loss. In addition, the partial casco will cover a fire caused by the encroachment from a neighboring fire on your vehicle.

However, if a fire is started by wilful vandalism, only fully comprehensive insurance usually applies. To be on the safe side as a policyholder when it comes to insuring your vehicle against fire damage, you should consider fully comprehensive insurance.

If the vehicle fire spreads and an explosion occurs, this is also treated as a partial casco loss and settled by the insurance company.

Not only fire damage and explosion damage to the vehicle itself are partial casco damages. If your car is in close temporal and spatial connection with a fire or explosion event and sustains damage, this claim will also be settled by the partial casco. For example, if your vehicle is near a burning house, it may be hit by parts on fire or damaged by extinguishing water.

Damage involving animals: Partial coverage marten damage, partial coverage deer collision & other collisions with animals.

Marten bites and collisions with animals such as foxes, wild boars, and deer as partial casco damages

If a marten gets hold of your vehicle, the damage is covered by the partial casco. Especially the cables of the spark plugs and the brake and coolant hoses are predestined for marten bites.

With regard to claims involving animals, partial casco not only covers marten damage but also damage caused by a collision with animals. The number of accidents involving games has risen in the USA in recent years. Accidents involving deer were recorded particularly frequently and were subsequently settled as wildlife accidents by the partial cover insurance. To prevent a collision with the game, caution is advised all year round, but especially in spring and fall at dusk and at night.

When taking out a partial cover policy, you should make sure that the scope of insurance includes not only collision with the furred game, but also collision with animals of any kind as partial cover damage. Otherwise, you will not be insured in the event that you collide with an animal other than the furred game, such as a dog, cat, or cow. This is because only animals such as deer, stags, wild boars, and foxes are considered a furred game.

Helvetia's powerful partial cover protects you against collisions with animals of all kinds with the included animal collision protection.

Other partial cover damages: burglary/theft, damage to wiring & key theft.

In addition to partial cover damage caused by natural forces, fire and explosion, animals and glass damage, partial cover insurance covers other types of damage. On the one hand, the partial cover includes car theft, robbery, or embezzlement of your vehicle. If the car is not recovered (total loss), the insurance will reimburse you for the replacement value of the vehicle on the day it was stolen.

Damage to the wiring due to a short circuit is also considered partial coverage damage and will be settled accordingly. Key or lock replacement after your car key has been stolen due to burglary or robbery is also included in the scope of benefits.

However, items such as smartphones, laptops, CDs, clothing, or other valuables carried loose in the vehicle are not insured as partial cover damage. However, the loss may be covered by your homeowner's insurance. Here's what your premium for household insurance at Helvetia could look like.