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Car Insurance is Cheaper Now

Did you know that you can get adequate car insurance as low as $440/year with a discounted premium? All you need to do is spend some time to choose the right coverage.

Even though the minimum coverage can be as cheap as $300 yearly, it is better to get the right amount of coverage to provide enough protection to your car. The national average for full coverage car insurance yearly premium is around $1200. But you can get up to 50% discount based on your driving and credit history and a few other factors. We help you find the cheapest car insurance available in the market by comparing offers from the best car insurance companies near you. Get a free auto insurance quote using the quote form on top.

Best Car Insurance Companies

Choosing a car insurance company can be tricky as the quote you receive is personalized and not the same as that your friend gets. It is always better to compare the quotes and choose the company that offers the cheapest and better car insurance plan. Here we list the top 10 insurance companies in the USA that is available in most of the states.

Insurance Company Market share
State Farm 17.0%
Geico (Berkshire Hathaway) 13.4%
Progressive 11.0%
Allstate 9.2%
USAA 5.9%
Liberty Mutual 4.8%
Farmers Insurance 4.3%
Nationwide 2.7%
American Family Insurance 2.0%
Travelers Companies 1.9%

Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance rate is determined by several factors. First of all which city are you in is a major factor. If you live in a major city which is mostly busy, then you got to pay higher rates for car insurance. The age group is another thing that can make a difference in the insurance premium. If you are a mature driver, then you will get a cheaper car insurance than teenage drivers. A good credit score will land you a good price on car insurance.

What all determine your car insurance rate?

  • City/Area
  • Age
  • Vehicle
  • Credit score
  • Driving History

Car Insurance in Your State

Car insurance premium varies along different states. In fact each state has different set of rules and average car insurance cost. Check out more details on car insurance and how much it costs in your state from the list below.

Top states where insurance is costly:

StateAverage annual cost
New York$1,780
New Jersey$1,520

All states:

Let Us Help You With Auto Insurance

What should car insurance cover?

Having the right amount of coverage is important when taking a car insurance policy. If you are met with an accident and don't have enough coverage on car and property, you will end up paying huge amount to cover the damages. You should insure yourself (driver), passengers and property with enough coverage. Comprehensive insurance also protects everything inside the vehicle. The minimum you should have is a good amount for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL)

Learn more about car insurance coverage

How to choose deductibles for cheaper car insurance?

Applying deductibles can help you save up to 40% on car insurance. In california, a 30 year old woman can save up to 40% on car insurance by applying a deductible of $1000 on her car insurance. But this can different in your state and can know how much you can save by getting an insurance quote.

Learn how to choose deductibles to get cheaper car insurance

Know these things before taking car insurance

Did you know whose insurance applies when you borrow a car? or can you have auto insurance without driving license? We have answers for all your questions like these when you are about to take a car insurance.

Check out things to know before taking a car insurance

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