About us

Although it is so easy to get several quotes online people are still not checking for the best deals on their car insurance. This fact bothers us at Auto Insurance HQ. That is why we set up this auto insurance comparison site. We regularly publish blog posts to provide information and guidance to our visitors as well.

Even though we have considerable expertise in the area, we like to point out that we are not registered brokers. When a visitor is looking for specific information relating to their personal circumstances the best thing to do would be to see a broker.

Everyone who is living in the United States of America can get several quotes and compare premium offers on our site. It is a simple website that lets you see most of the available options in your zip code. Then, you can choose which plan to apply for a quote. It will be delivered almost instantly by the provider.

We do not charge for the quotes or collect money in anyway on this website. Furthermore, we do not hold anything back from our visitors. Once they like an offer on this site, they are provided with a link to go directly to the providing insurer. We hope you like this provision and recommend us to your friends and colleagues.