The Highest Car Insurance Discounts Are Offered To Accident Free Motorists

If you are intending to save money on your automobile insurance plan, a good start is usually to stay accident free for five years or more. If you stay accident free for sufficient time, you might receive a good discount dependent on your insurance company and your location.

Drivers get large rate cuts when they do not make claims for a while because insurers recognize them as low risk. Accident free usually means you are free from at-fault accidents and major violations for at least three years. Some auto insurance companies will offer great discounts when you do not have any claims in the last three years. The highest savings can be achieved after five years.

If you are “at fault” in an accident this implies you are the one that caused the crash. Regularly accident free discounts can be as high as 50% depending on the zip code, ages of listed drivers, vehicle insured and the carrier. Location plays an important role for car insurance rates in which drivers can get a substantial discount.

Put simply, an accident free discount rewards anybody who has a great driving record. It is highly recommended that you check with your insurance broker or company to see if you qualify for an accident free discount. Some drivers have reported savings of $500 or more per year. Normally these savings will be offered automatically by any decent firm. However, there is no harm in making sure that it is done.

There are factors that dictate the level of premium reductions. These include how long you have gone without an accident, how long you have been with your insurance company, where you reside, what other types of coverage you have with your insurance firm. Speeding tickets are taken into consideration too.

Make sure to get alternative vehicle insurance quotes to see if you can make the most of your good driving history. Remember that you will be in a very good negotiating position since companies like those motorists who do not cause them any losses. Car insurance quotes are readily available on the internet and are free.

By the way, do not forget to look into other possible discounts while you are renewing the policy. Many motorists can qualify for additional savings for various reasons other than being a attentive driver. For example a reduction for having more than one policy with one insurer.

If you happen to have a clean driving record you carry some weight with a new insurer. Avoiding accidents is the number one reason for drivers to have cheap car insurance today. Consumers still need to look around a bit since quotes will be considerably different depending on the firm providing it. The premium gap between two alternative providers can be as large as thirty percent.

It is a good idea to have a look at main reasons for accidents. This will allow drivers to be aware of them so that they can watch out and reduce the risks of involving in one.

The number one reason is drinking and driving. In 2009, more than 15,000 people died in drunken driving crashes in the U.S. 565,000 were hurt as well, according to the Road Traffic Safety Administration. Drinking influences your response time and reflexes. At the same time your visibility decreases by thirty percent at dusk. All of these factors make a automobile accident more likely.

The second reason is distracted driving. It is a well documented crash factor since auto insurance companies have been keeping records of accidents which involve texting and drivings. A split second of inattentiveness can cause a major crash especially on highways. Talking on a phone while driving and texting are two of the most deadly types of distracted driving. Changing radio stations, putting on makeup, screaming at your children in the backseat or other examples of distractions.

The other main reason for accidents is speeding. In 2010, more than twenty thousand deaths took place in speed related crashes across the nation. If a driver is doing two of the three reasons such as speeding and talking on the phone the chance of accident increases by over fifty percent.

When drivers make an effort to avoid dangerous driving practices it will be easier to gain good habits. Attentive driving save your life and money. Plus, it is not only your life you should worry about. Potentially you can harm your family members, loved ones and other innocent people when you cause a crash.