Finding Really Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

 If you have been shopping around you probably already know that it’s difficult to find really cheap car insurance for young drivers and teenagers. These drivers are considered high risk and with risk comes more expensive premiums. All hope of finding an affordable auto insurance policy is not lost, however. Here are some ways to save.

If you’re an inexperienced driver, regardless of whether you are young or old, insurance companies view you with caution. Since you don’t have a long driving record yet insurers don’t know whether you are more prone to accidents or other costly incidents.

One way to reduce your insurance rates is by taking a defensive driving course. Most carriers offer a discount for such courses, plus it will make you a safer driver. Be sure to ask your insurance company which courses in your area they will quality for discounts.

Choose your car wisely. Sports cars with lots of horsepower or large, expensive SUVs come with sky high insurance rates. Even though your kid might crave a shiny new BMW, your insurance premiums will be much lower if you get them a Honda Civic. What these cars lack in coolness factor they more than make up for in lower expenses.

Limit the use of the car. Many car insurance carriers who specialize in young drivers will offer a discount for limited use vehicles. Check with your insurer to see if they will reduce your rates if you limit use of the car to before 6 pm.

Teach safe driving practices and do them yourself. Your kids watch what you do – if you drive unsafely they will pick up bad driving habits. Take the time to teach your children the rules of the road and obey them when you drive. Your actions will speak a lot louder than your words.

Teenagers come with their own set of risks in the eyes of car insurance companies. You might have the most responsible teenager in the world, but it will be a challenge to find a low rate for them until they have some experience behind the wheel.

Rates are highest until age 26, or for some insurance companies age 23. Nevertheless, there are some ways to reduce your car insurance costs for teenagers.

Rather than getting them their own policy, look into adding your teenager to your existing policy. This can often save some bucks. Some insurers give lower rates to teenagers with good grades. Check with your carrier to see if they offer a good GPA discount. Also have your teenager take a defensive driving or driver education course. This can often be useful in getting a really cheap car insurance rate.

Finally, be sure to shop around for the best insurance quote for young drivers or teenagers. Each carrier has different policies when it comes to these types of drivers, so it pays to compare rates. One way do to that is through this website. You just need to type in your zip code and we’ll connect you with the best discount auto insurance companies in your area.