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Cheap Car Insurance in Lake Jackson

Texas car insurance law minimum requirement - As per the Department of Public Safety in the state requires a minimum of 30/60/25 as explained below:

  • $30,000 coverage for all types of bodily injury suffered by one individual in one accident
  • Bodily injury suffered by two or more people is $60,000. The amount is the same for deaths of two or more people caused by one accident
  • Damage to property or injury to others in one accident is $25,000.
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Car Insurance Companies in Texas and Rates Offered

The cheapest car insurance rates in the state is provided by Geico Insurance followed by Farmers Insurance. But the major players are State Farm, Progressive and Farmers insurance in order.

CompanyAnnual premium (50/100/50)Market shareComplaints
Geico$3466.00% ($1,151,485,019)1
Farmers$3837.98% ($1,530,613,603)2
State Farm$48916.03% ($3,074,590,659)119
Allstate$4957.38% ($1,416,050,038)4
Liberty Mutual$5504.36% ($836,938,040)64
Progressive$6678.75% ($1,678,264,745)0

Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Your Area

We recommend you to get car insurance quotes and compare them before choosing an insurance plan. People save up to 40% on car insurance by doing the comparison shopping.

Insurance Agents in Lake Jackson, TX and Near by

Agents by ZIP code:
  • 0 mi
    Clawson Insurance Agency
    8 Circle Way, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 299-1733
  • 0 mi
    Donna Jackson
    113 N Parking Pl, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 299-1990
  • 0 mi
    Charles Castleberry
    201a That Way St, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-6331
  • 0 mi
    Steve Wolverton
    302 Plantation Dr, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-3600
  • 0 mi
    Best Insurance Services
    125 S Parking Pl, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-2655
  • 0 mi
    George Franklin
    225 Parking Way St, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-2425
  • 0 mi
    Apple Insurance Agency
    209 Plantation Dr, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 265-9922
  • 0 mi
    Wayne Reitmeyer
    107 Plantation Dr, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 299-1365
  • 0 mi
    Chris Mendoza
    145 Oyster Creek Dr, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-9673
  • 0 mi
    Julio Garcia
    101 Plantation Dr Ste A, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 265-3552
  • 0 mi
    Victory Insurance
    122 W Way St Ste 404, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-8604
  • 0 mi
    Elbert Insurance Agency
    107 W Way St, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-2433
  • 0 mi
    Brian Lotzenhiser
    120 Circle Way St Ste 1c, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-5100
  • 0 mi
    Discount Insurance
    460 Plantation Dr, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-1700
  • 0 mi
    Ai United Insurance
    104 Plantation Dr, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 285-3555
  • 0 mi
    Chris Davies
    120 Highway 332 W Ste B14, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 285-2200
  • 0 mi
    TDECU Insurance Agency
    1001 Farm To Market 2004, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 297-1154
  • 0 mi
    Gary Martin
    217 Highway 332 W, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
    (979) 230-2531
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Car Insurance Facts Lake Jackson, Texas

Car Insurance Laws in Texas

The state law is straightforward. You must have car insurance when you are registering a vehicle. The law stipulates the minimum coverage in specific categories. The minimum coverage is the least you can have and it is not the optimum coverage you should opt for. Given the scope of damage and the severity of injuries possible as a direct result of an accident, you should always opt for more coverage than the legal requisite.

Any car owner who does not have the minimum coverage basically does not have car insurance as per the laws of the state. Hence, the car owner will be subjected to the penalties as decreed by the state law.

Penalty for Driving without Car Insurance in Texas

You cannot drive any type of motor vehicle without insurance, be it a motorcycle, a car or a truck. It is also not sufficient to have a car insurance that has just lapsed or has not been renewed for a few days and hence there is a break in its continuity. The law requires all car owners to have continuous auto insurance in Texas, regardless of the age of the car and other factors such as driving history or record of past incidents.

The state of Texas can levy a penalty on any car owner who does not have adequate insurance. The penalty is usually multipronged. First time offenders are usually charged a maximum of $350. The offense can lead to the suspension of the license and hence driving privileges. A second or subsequent offense will incur penalties of a maximum of $100 and the vehicle could be impounded for a maximum of six months.

Car Insurance Support in Texas

Those who have been fined and have had their driving license revoked or driving privilege suspended and possibly their vehicle impounded are required to file an SR-22 form as proof of continuous car insurance. This should be done proactively. Such car owners and drivers must carry proof of their continuous car insurance at all times. The SR-22 form can be filed with the Department of Public Safety by the insurer or the insured and this should be done for three years following a conviction.



The insurance rates mentioned in this article is based on the average amount for a 30 year old female purchasing 50/100/50 ($50,000 for injury liability for one person, $100,000 for all injuries and $50,000 for property damage in an accident) liability car insurance coverage. The premium rate can be higher or lower than the rates specified depending on the type of coverage one may choose, deductibles applied and the discounts offered by insurance company.