Buying or Leasing a Car: What you should know

Before you buy or lease a car: Research your prospective automobile.  Identify your transportation needs and pick an appropriate vehicle. Identify how much you can afford to spend on the car.  Take into account car payments, repairs and maintenance, gas prices, inspections, insurance rates and license and registration costs for the life of the vehicle. […]

Finding Really Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

If you have been shopping around you probably already know that it’s difficult to find really cheap car insurance for young drivers and teenagers. These drivers are considered high risk and with risk comes more expensive premiums. All hope of finding an affordable auto insurance policy is not lost, however. Here are some ways to […]

How can you lower your Auto Insurance Premium?

Auto insurance can essentially save you thousands of dollars in the event of an accident or injury that involves your car. Every state has made it mandatory that a minimum level of auto insurance coverage is necessary for all. There are many auto insurance holders that compromise on their safety. However, this isn’t desirable and […]

A Few Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Car Insurance

There are a few points to remember when purchasing auto insurance policies. Sometimes people may be misinformed about the best way of proceeding. The best is to keep an open mind and understand that you need to spare a little time. Without evaluating your needs and considering your options there is a chance you will […]

Role Of Auto Insurance Comparison Websites

Even though it is a lot easier to search for lower car insurance quotes online today about two third of policyholders do not check their options. Too many motorists renew without questioning their renewal terms and premiums. This tells a lot about human perception. People are not much comfortable with unknowns. Alternative vehicle insurance companies […]

Eating And Driving Facts, Accidents And Car Insurance Rates

Any driver can skip stopping for lunch and go for a drive-thru to save time. If you stop somewhere nice to enjoy you meal is fine. However, tackling your burger, fries and drink will not be easy when you are driving. It can cause you a lot of troubles including dripping ketchup on your favorite […]

How Credit Score Affects Car Insurance Rates Offered?

Are you looking online and calling brokers day after day to find the lowest auto insurance rate? Today you have to be a safe driver and have a near perfect credit score for some major vehicle insurance companies. They go beyond just looking at the driver history when they calculate quotes. However, there are congressmen […]

Deciding About Having Or Dropping Collision And Comprehensive Coverage

Usually the more coverage you buy the better your policy will be. But, this does not mean you should waste money for any additions that will not pay you much following an accident. When purchasing a car insurance policy consumers should balance the level of cover and the premium paid. If you have an automobile […]

The Highest Car Insurance Discounts Are Offered To Accident Free Motorists

If you are intending to save money on your automobile insurance plan, a good start is usually to stay accident free for five years or more. If you stay accident free for sufficient time, you might receive a good discount dependent on your insurance company and your location. Drivers get large rate cuts when they […]